It Is Written


I love being challenged by things in the Word or other perspectives that may be different than mine. Last night a friend sent me a quote that stated, “‘God is in control’ is too often a Christian euphemism for ‘accept your oppression.'”

Interesting. This challenged me, not because I believe it but because I didn’t know how to state why I didn’t believe it.

I have a great group of sisters in God who I know I can always take my questions to. So that’s exactly what I did. (Here I think it is also important to state that my friend who posed the original question is also a Christian.) One friend stated that yes it is terrible what many people, God’s children, on this earth go through but at the end of the day it is written. I have definitely said that so many times–it is written, but I don’t know if I really understood it. Is it a cop out? Do we really have no control over our own lives?

Cue me bringing in my other sister. This woman has been like a mentor to me since I kind of began my faith journey all over again, so I knew she’d have some wisdom to drop. I simply wanted to know the significance of it is written and if that means at the end of the day we can’t stop our suffering. So let me put this into words that hopefully will help anyone reading this to understand like it helped me to understand.

There is no denying that we as humans go through terrible things, but this hurts and troubles God. Because of this, it is never written that we will suffer. However, there was a fall and because of that this world is broken, so when there is suffering that is a result of the fall. We are not inherently good, so when the consequences of our bad actions happen we try to blame this on God.

Bad things are not God’s fault because God is perfect. We don’t understand this because perfection does not exist in another human being on this earth.

So, one thing that I took away from this conversation as well is this: The Bible is true even if my feelings do not align yet. So we must commit to praying and reading into God’s heart on these confusing issues. I believe this is when we will grow, this is when we will see breakthroughs in our walk of faith.

Thanks for reading and thank you to my sisters in Christ for constant fellowship and positive discussion!


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