Limited Resources

Me on the streets of Old San Juan during our honeymoon!

What I’m Diffusing: 3 drops Holiday Joy, 1 drop Peace.

What is in the Crock Pot: Apple Crisp, recipe here.

I have and most likely always will be a planner. I plan out my meals, my workouts, my day to day, etc.

So, of course I have always had this pretty detailed life plan. Here it was: graduate high school, then go to college, then get a job in my field and get married. I guess no one really told me that’s what I had to do, but no one told me that it wasn’t either. I don’t regret my decision to go to college and all that, it made me who I am today. However, no one really warns you of the after.

When I graduated from Duquesne I was sure that I did not want to work a 9-5. I was about to get married and was honestly terrified of the mundane-ness of it all. I felt as if I would be tied down. Also, the job hunt wasn’t proving successful at all which was not good considering I had a wedding, honeymoon, an apartment, and utilities to pay for. For the first time ever I didn’t have a step by step plan. I took what jobs I could find, 2 part time marketing jobs. Marketing, not public relations for those of you reading who may not know– there is a difference. I told myself it was only temporary, until after the wedding.

So, for the summer I tackled my jobs the best I could. But I was stressed, I was tired, and I felt so worn down. Then the weekend of my wedding and my honeymoon came, the end was here! When we returned from our honeymoon I was too afraid to quit my jobs, I couldn’t take that leap. For those couple of months after I became so unhappy but I didn’t even realize it– my patient, loving and caring husband did. It was supposed to be the happiest time of our lives, but I was no longer the woman he had just married. It was scary.

So I quit.

I quit.

I quit.

Omg, did I really quit?

I decided to change my whole situation. I took a part time job at Chelsea Collective, a local women’s apparel store. I’m working a part time retail position. That wasn’t in my life plan. But you know what? I’m happier. I’m working on my plan, which brings me to my next point of limited resources.

There is so much I want to do, so much that my husband and I want to do. However, right now it feels like we have limited resources. My husband has taught me to dream big, pray bigger and to never lose your passions. I want to travel, I want to help people, I want to grow my dōTERRA business, I want to do something with health and fitness. All this with a million little things in between.

A lot of this I cannot do right now because I have limited resources. To be honest, there are days when I feel stuck or like I’m doing this all wrong. But I’m not, I know I’m not. How?  Because I am happy, I have God, I have the man I love by my side and I have the support from the people I need it from.

So, all I am trying to say is this– it’s okay to not plan, it’s okay to not to what is expected of you. I think I actually encourage this. You may not feel as stable as you always thought, but you will feel like yourself. You will feel like you are doing what matters most.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


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