Positive Affirmation

This is gonna be a quick post.

I just want to stress the power of positive affirmation. I’m not saying that you should put all of your self worth in others’ thoughts and words towards you, but I think it’s important to keep those words in mind when you need to be built up.

This past week I have had 3 different people randomly tell me they notice how hard I have been working or comment on how I have inspired them in some way. This was crazy to me! It is so crazy because it’s very hard for me to believe those words myself.

We are our hardest and biggest critic.

So going put from this, challenge yourself to do 2 things:

  1. If you think someone needs to hear something positive, no matter their relationship to you, SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE! Tell someone you appreciate having them in your life, or that you notice their hard work.
  2. The more difficult one, if someone blesses you with positive words, ACCEPT THEM AND BELIEVE THEM! Live your life like you believe them!

If you were one of the people who built me up, thank YOU! I owe most of what I do to you, and the Lord of course. 🙂

That’s all! Have a great week and happy almost Christmas!


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