What I’m diffusing: Passion Inspiring Blend

What I’m cooking: Chicken cheddar, rice and broccoli bake

Lately I have seen a lot of talk about vision boards and the importance of visualization. Laying out what you want to happen this coming year on a board with images that reflect your goals helps to visualize them, this imprints them on your mind so that it literally becomes harder to stop thinking about them. It is like creating your own sense of accountability. So, my husband and I gave these a shot! I still want to add a little bit more flourish to mine but I’ll explain what I have:

Blue: My fitness goals. This year I want to focus more on nutrition via the Whole30, while still remembering to keep it fun. I’ll have a post on the the Whole30 soon, I’d love to get your input if you’ve tried it before I start my official 30 days.

Green: My dōTERRA goals. I want to continue to cultivate my passion for dōTERRA and remain positive throughout my journey. A huge goal of mine is to come as close as I can to ranking to gold. This means that I will have to put in A TON of work, but I’ll pretty much be doubling my income, and be able to do dōTERRA full time.

Yellow: My travel goals. A big passion that Duane and I share is traveling. We decided when we got married that we never wanted to sacrifice these dreams. We just want to go. Plans or no plans, it’s important to get away and de-stress.

Orange: My God goals. This one should be the biggest, but there is not many popular magazines that advertise religion or a relationship with God (or I just picked up the wrong magazines). I talked more about my year with God here.

Red: My financial goals. This year I want to let go of my financial worries and start to really save more so I can become debt free. I have awesome resources for this, it’s just all about making the decision to start.

The rest of the words and phrases are just things that I want to be my mantra, things that remind me of my self worth and the confidence that I should have.

What dreams are you all casting for 2017?


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