Living Loved

One of my Christmas gifts was Uninvited, a book by Lysa TerKeurst. The subtitle is “Living Loved When You Fell Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely” which pretty much describes me on my low days and a big chunk of this season that I feel like I am finally coming out of. However, there is a ton of nuggets in the book that have already hit home with me (I am only on page 63). I wanted to write a post because I know more than one person I know has felt, is feeling, or will feel those same negative feelings.

As a young woman, a new wife, a young professional, someone who is away from her family etc., I tend to be really hard on myself. Usually, when something bad happens or I wake up feeling off, there is just no reversing the day. Then I talk down to myself and I not only doubt in God’s plan for me, but I doubt if God actually loves me. When I can’t feel God’s love for me, it’s hard to feel anyone’s love for me.

I think I said something misleading, “When I can’t feel God’s love for me”. The thing is, that is on me! There’s never a moment when we are not loved by our creator. God never stops pursuing us, yet this world has taught us that rejection and fear are all that we should know– it is so hard to fathom a perfect love. So capturing this love and living it out can be hard!

That’s what this book has been about so far, figuring out how to lived loved by our creator. Something I have learned that I need to do is simply slow down so I can accept and receive God’s love. That means making time for an intentional relationship with God, so when things don’t go my way or I feel hurt, I instantly run into his open and abiding grace, love and peace. Also, (super important) we should not put 100% stake in anyone else’s love for us, because there will be a time where it WILL fail us! Wow.

Once we grasp that, I think we will see amazing changes in our life. Living loved means living with a fullness that is kind of undeniable. When we know how much we are loved, it’s hard not to spread that. We know that no matter how anyone treats us, we are still loved.

I think I need to do a better job of not only letting God love me, but loving others! I was listening to K LOVE the other day. The segment was about treating each other with grace and love at all times. We never know when Christ could return, so wouldn’t it just be best to treat others in a way we wouldn’t be ashamed of if we were “caught” by Jesus? Imagine loving others the way Christ loves you, that can create such a ripple effect.. a little bit of good in a word that can be so harsh.

Is this making sense? Are you living loved?

Thanks for reading!

PS: I got offered a job! Having faith always always pays off. Thanks to everyone who has constantly been praying for me and loving me!


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