Gearing Up for the Whole30

So as you can guess from the title, I have FINALLY made the decision to do the Whole30. I first learned of the Whole30 this summer from my cousin, and after reading the rules I thought she was crazy for even considering it. However, the Whole30 kept popping up in random ways. One day I was at Half Priced Books and the Whole30 book was there so I decided to pick it up to read a little more on the plan. After the first chapter I was hooked!

Just reading the book taught me so much about the way I treat food and the effects that different food has on my body. For instance, I never knew that grains can cause inflammation which leads to headaches (I struggle with migraines). Or, that dairy products cause a surplus of estrogen to be produced within our bodies which can cause, in some extreme cases, cancer. I was have taken an apathetic attitude to eating healthy. I think, well if I eat at least 75% healthy throughout the day then it’s okay if I pig out for dinner, especially if I go to the gym the next morning. I was never thinking of the long term physical, emotional and physiological effects the food was having on my body.

I am 70% excited and 30% nervous for the Whole30. There are so many resources that give great recipes or whole meal plans, so the cooking part should be easier. I am just nervous for the different stages my body will go through during the eliminations of these foods. Thankfully the book outlines a lot of what these stages look like. I’m hoping to get a few things from the Whole30:

  1. Find a catalyst for my migraines from the food that I eat.
  2. Reduce my bloating.
  3. Give up using food emotionally.
  4. The biggest one, make a whole lifestyle change. If I can get these healthy eating habits down now and continue them in the long run, then I have really succeeded. I will be in better shape, happier, and practicing healthy eating habits that I can eventually pass on to my future children.

Have you ever done the Whole30? If so let me know your experience. What did you struggle with most? What were the biggest benefits that you saw?


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