An Open Dialogue on the First 100 Days

Okay so if you follow my blog (you’re so great if you do) you might have read A Christian’s Response to the Election. Donald Trump being elected president back in November was a HUGE challenge for me. However, I was given an awesome way to respond as a Christian.

Fast forward, we are now in President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Well, the first week to simplify it even more. I thought the election results were a challenge… This is nothing compared to that. I see all these executive orders being thrown down and it is leaving me feeling hopeless, crushed and sad.

I do want to take a moment here to mention the multiple protests happening in the country (peaceful or not). These do give me hope. I am reminded this is a time for people to speak and not stand by in silence. I have heard stories of countless people coming together in unison for what is right. And that does warm my heart.

Anyway, back to the challenges. I don’t want to take a full blog post to mention my own opinions on all of the issues. I just want to create a discussion right here in these comments (or my Facebook post comments).

I would love to see how other people, Christian or not, are responding to these actions by Trump. I want this to be a forum where there is no judgment, where there are no political agendas or criticisms. I just want to see how people feel and their next steps forward.

Thanks in advance for being nice and decent toward others!


One Comment

  1. This was a great read and reminder that the Bible does want us pray for and love everyone…which in this case it’s HARD, BUT as Christians trying to strengthen our relationship with Christ, it’s essential.


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