The Whole30: 2 Days In

Day 1: WAS HORRIBLE. Honestly, I don’t know if anyone has ever felt as discouraged and confused as I did on day 1. I wasn’t even upset about what I was eating, I was just starving. Also, I was tired from the jump. It ain’t easy balancing meal prep with 2 jobs.  So, I learned my lesson and planned for bigger meals for day 2 and accepted the fact that I am gonna be tired for a while.

Day 1 Breakfast: Spinach Fritatta, it was good. I plan to experiment with my own fritatta creations in the future. However, it was not as filling as I am used to. This is most likely because I am used to at least two pieces of toast (or an English muffin) with my eggs.


Day 1 Lunch: Protein Salad, man, who knew that onions and grapes could be so good together? Yet, after finishing the salad I was far from satisfied. This is most likely because I am used to stealing a piece of candy from the kitchen at work after my lunch, and I have been eating huge lunches recently. This also threw me off throughout the rest of the day. I felt SO sluggish and got a headache. Thanks alot, protein salad. Just kidding! I know my body still has to adjust.

Day 1 Dinner: Ground meat with roasted tomato sauce and spaghetti squash, finally, something that filled me up! I have ate this combo before (but with store bought sauce which included sugar), so I was used to the taste and thankfully wasn’t expecting it to taste like spaghetti. Yet, after my shift was over (I’m working a full time job during the day and working retail night) at 9:30 I was pretty much starving again.

Day 2 has been much better. I’m snacking throughout the day a bit on fruit and nuts and I have packed larger meals– all still compliant.

I’m so happy that the Whole30 book is completely honest about how you’ll feel across the whole 30 days. I know I am not going to feel like sunshine and rainbows this first week. I know that I will be tired and will still have my cravings. But, it has to get worse before it gets better!

I also love the way I am learning to cook. I know, I know, it has only been 1.5 days but I can already see new habits forming. However, making compliant mayo is not one of those. Hehe, let’s just say my attempt at this turned out wrong, so wrong. So, for the time being I will spend the few extra bucks on compliant condiments.

I probably won’t do an update every day going forward– just when I feel like I am experiencing changes or difficulties.

Who else is doing the Whole30 this Feb? Who has suggestions or tips? I’d love to hear more from past and present Whole30ers!


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