The Whole 30: 9 Days In

What a ride these past 9 days have been. Honestly, I didn’t write because I was so unsure if I would be able to stick this out the whole 30 days. I didn’t know if my next post would be about me quitting and giving some “justifiable” reason. Or, if it would be about me overcoming.

I’ve literally cried because I have been frustrated with what I can’t eat, then I get even more frustrated when it hits me how emotionally connected I was to the food I have given up. But there’s also been times where there has been little victories which bring big moments of joy. Just for instance, we’ve had food brought in multiple days at both of my jobs. Food that included bagel trays, cheese trays, yogurt bars and even Chick-Fil-A. In those instances it was so hard not to give in. Or the day when I had a bad day at work and decided my husband and I would go out for dinner at this soul food place we’ve been wanting to go to (definitely not compliant). Yet, I have overcome.

So yes, I am 9 days down. But holy cow I have 21 more days to go!

I am definitely feeling changes in my body. Nothing drastic (yet), but when I sit back and focus on the way I feel I can see the differences. I haven’t had a headache since I started the whole30 (except the first day), I can feel my skin detoxing, I feel my body detoxing (use your imagination on that one), and my energy is climbing bit by bit. I’m also learning how to cook new things and trying foods that I have never tried before. This part has been fun.

However, today I was exhausted and bloated! I was happy though when I read the timeline to find out that this was totally number. I may struggle a bit days 9-12, or maybe even longer. But I have to remember it’s for the good. I can’t give in to a moment of temptation (or desperation) and ruin everything that I feel like I have accomplished.

Here are some new meals I have tried: spicy Mexican tuna (top left), zoodles with homemade chicken meatballs and tomato sauce (bottom left), and scrambled eggs with peppers and compliant Italian spicy sausage (right). So yummy!

To those who have held me accountable, thank you. And to my husband for putting up with my break and sugar withdraws, thank you even more.

Thanks for reading!


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