My Whole30 is Tainted

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So the past few days have been difficult. The hardest thing to overcome was the fact that I broke my Whole30. Broke, but not quit! Unfortunately this past weekend I ate something that made me very sick, I couldn’t keep anything down. So, I didn’t know what else to eat besides toast. So I had a piece of toast. I don’t know how far off this threw my progress, but it was an executive decision.

Okay I am literally laughing over here because 14 days ago it wouldn’t have been such a big deal that I ate one piece of bread because I was seriously averaging like four pieces a day. So, I am definitely learning– one thing being that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. The Whole30 can be stressful as heck! Reading all the labels, meal prepping and explaining over and over to others (and yourself) why you’re doing this. Not to mention how you are physically reacting to the whole thing.


Chicken, carrots, potatoes, onions and peas– YUM!

What I am trying to say is, I know that one piece of bread is against the rules, but I don’t care. My intentions were good, I wasn’t rewarding myself or giving into a craving (unless you count wanting to not throw up as a reward).

Some goals that I have had are conquering platefuls of cookies (as in saying no to them); conquering cravings, which sometimes seems like it’s 24/7; having great conversations with people about health and how the food they eat affects their bodies, one lady has even got the Whole30 book herself; and finding new recipes that I actually really love. Also, my skin is much clearer and my stomach is getting flatter.


C ya cookies

MAJOR shout out to my husband. He helps me tame my sugar dragon, and any other dragon that I might have. He is definitely my number one supporter. He kinda has to do this Whole30 thing too since I cook all the meals. Hehe.

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The Whole 30: 9 Days In

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What a ride these past 9 days have been. Honestly, I didn’t write because I was so unsure if I would be able to stick this out the whole 30 days. I didn’t know if my next post would be about me quitting and giving some “justifiable” reason. Or, if it would be about me overcoming.

I’ve literally cried because I have been frustrated with what I can’t eat, then I get even more frustrated when it hits me how emotionally connected I was to the food I have given up. But there’s also been times where there has been little victories which bring big moments of joy. Just for instance, we’ve had food brought in multiple days at both of my jobs. Food that included bagel trays, cheese trays, yogurt bars and even Chick-Fil-A. In those instances it was so hard not to give in. Or the day when I had a bad day at work and decided my husband and I would go out for dinner at this soul food place we’ve been wanting to go to (definitely not compliant). Yet, I have overcome.

So yes, I am 9 days down. But holy cow I have 21 more days to go!

I am definitely feeling changes in my body. Nothing drastic (yet), but when I sit back and focus on the way I feel I can see the differences. I haven’t had a headache since I started the whole30 (except the first day), I can feel my skin detoxing, I feel my body detoxing (use your imagination on that one), and my energy is climbing bit by bit. I’m also learning how to cook new things and trying foods that I have never tried before. This part has been fun.

However, today I was exhausted and bloated! I was happy though when I read the timeline to find out that this was totally number. I may struggle a bit days 9-12, or maybe even longer. But I have to remember it’s for the good. I can’t give in to a moment of temptation (or desperation) and ruin everything that I feel like I have accomplished.

Here are some new meals I have tried: spicy Mexican tuna (top left), zoodles with homemade chicken meatballs and tomato sauce (bottom left), and scrambled eggs with peppers and compliant Italian spicy sausage (right). So yummy!

To those who have held me accountable, thank you. And to my husband for putting up with my break and sugar withdraws, thank you even more.

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Living Loved

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Just a reminder that YOU ARE LOVED! I’ve written this on my mirror to remind me every single day.

One of my Christmas gifts was Uninvited, a book by Lysa TerKeurst. The subtitle is “Living Loved When You Fell Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely” which pretty much describes me on my low days and a big chunk of this season that I feel like I am finally coming out of. However, there is a ton of nuggets in the book that have already hit home with me (I am only on page 63). I wanted to write a post because I know more than one person I know has felt, is feeling, or will feel those same negative feelings.

As a young woman, a new wife, a young professional, someone who is away from her family etc., I tend to be really hard on myself. Usually, when something bad happens or I wake up feeling off, there is just no reversing the day. Then I talk down to myself and I not only doubt in God’s plan for me, but I doubt if God actually loves me. When I can’t feel God’s love for me, it’s hard to feel anyone’s love for me.

I think I said something misleading, “When I can’t feel God’s love for me”. The thing is, that is on me! There’s never a moment when we are not loved by our creator. God never stops pursuing us, yet this world has taught us that rejection and fear are all that we should know– it is so hard to fathom a perfect love. So capturing this love and living it out can be hard!

That’s what this book has been about so far, figuring out how to lived loved by our creator. Something I have learned that I need to do is simply slow down so I can accept and receive God’s love. That means making time for an intentional relationship with God, so when things don’t go my way or I feel hurt, I instantly run into his open and abiding grace, love and peace. Also, (super important) we should not put 100% stake in anyone else’s love for us, because there will be a time where it WILL fail us! Wow.

Once we grasp that, I think we will see amazing changes in our life. Living loved means living with a fullness that is kind of undeniable. When we know how much we are loved, it’s hard not to spread that. We know that no matter how anyone treats us, we are still loved.

I think I need to do a better job of not only letting God love me, but loving others! I was listening to K LOVE the other day. The segment was about treating each other with grace and love at all times. We never know when Christ could return, so wouldn’t it just be best to treat others in a way we wouldn’t be ashamed of if we were “caught” by Jesus? Imagine loving others the way Christ loves you, that can create such a ripple effect.. a little bit of good in a word that can be so harsh.

Is this making sense? Are you living loved?

Thanks for reading!

PS: I got offered a job! Having faith always always pays off. Thanks to everyone who has constantly been praying for me and loving me!


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What I’m diffusing: Passion Inspiring Blend

What I’m cooking: Chicken cheddar, rice and broccoli bake


Vision Board, Work in Progress

Lately I have seen a lot of talk about vision boards and the importance of visualization. Laying out what you want to happen this coming year on a board with images that reflect your goals helps to visualize them, this imprints them on your mind so that it literally becomes harder to stop thinking about them. It is like creating your own sense of accountability. So, my husband and I gave these a shot! I still want to add a little bit more flourish to mine but I’ll explain what I have:

Blue: My fitness goals. This year I want to focus more on nutrition via the Whole30, while still remembering to keep it fun. I’ll have a post on the the Whole30 soon, I’d love to get your input if you’ve tried it before I start my official 30 days.

Green: My dōTERRA goals. I want to continue to cultivate my passion for dōTERRA and remain positive throughout my journey. A huge goal of mine is to come as close as I can to ranking to gold. This means that I will have to put in A TON of work, but I’ll pretty much be doubling my income, and be able to do dōTERRA full time.

Yellow: My travel goals. A big passion that Duane and I share is traveling. We decided when we got married that we never wanted to sacrifice these dreams. We just want to go. Plans or no plans, it’s important to get away and de-stress.

Orange: My God goals. This one should be the biggest, but there is not many popular magazines that advertise religion or a relationship with God (or I just picked up the wrong magazines). I talked more about my year with God here.

Red: My financial goals. This year I want to let go of my financial worries and start to really save more so I can become debt free. I have awesome resources for this, it’s just all about making the decision to start.

The rest of the words and phrases are just things that I want to be my mantra, things that remind me of my self worth and the confidence that I should have.

What dreams are you all casting for 2017?

You vs. You

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What I’m Diffusing: 3 drops Motivate, 2 drops Wild Orange

What I’m Eating: Frosted Flakes, because I’m making today great!!

So I think I talk a lot about what the world expects of us career wise, and life in general. But today I want to talk about what society expects of our bodies. Yes, this is a body positivity post, or at least a post that talks about trying to achieve that.


My happy place! (The gym, not the gym bathroom.)

I have been blessed, there was never really a point where I despised my body but on the same hand there was never a point where I really stopped trying to better my body. For my 16th birthday I didn’t ask for a car or whatever 16 year old girls usually ask for, I asked for a membership to our local YMCA. At that point in my life I had quit all of the sports that I had played because I lost my passion. I no longer wanted to play sports because they just weren’t fun anymore, but that’s a whole different post. So, I became really inactive for the first time in my life, hence the desire for the gym membership.

My body began to change a lot. During my freshman and sophomore year I had a lot of muscle growth because of conditioning for volleyball, I grew so fast that I developed a lot of stretch marks. This became my number one insecurity. Then I also began to compare my body to almost everyone around me.

In college I got really into lifting. I tried a ton of different workout plan and completely drowned my Instagram feed with bikini and physique competitors, workout mavens, and downright beautiful women. This is who I wanted to be like, and I told myself constantly seeing these “goals” would help me reach my ideal body faster.

This was so stupid.

Literally, this made no sense. FYI to any girl reading this who sees these females on Instagram with amazing bodies, odds are staying in shape and going to the gym is what this woman does as her full time job– monetizing her workout and meal plans. It took me a long time to realize that the women I were idolizing weren’t balancing an 18 credit course load, working part time, living on their own, being a state away from everyone they loved most, etc. Not only do these women have time to go to the gym, they probably also had the money and resources to eat healthy and buy all of the correct supplements. This just wasn’t me, it’s not me, it will never be me.

I am okay with that.

I am made in God’s image, and that is beautiful. That simple sentence, that’s what changed a lot for me. Also the fact that my husband won’t let me be down on myself. Do not get me wrong, I still fully believe taking care of my body because it is my temple. But, I don’t hate myself after I eat pizza or if I feel too tired to work out I won’t. Or, I will wear shorts that don’t hide my stretch marks. For the first time in a long time I am okay with what I look like. That’s why I had cereal this morning, with cows milk (because Frosted Flakes don’t taste the same with almond milk). What I am trying to say is, love yourself the way God loves you!

My favorite verses on body image:

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. — Psalm 139:14

For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.– 1 Timothy 4:8

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. — 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thanks for reading!