An Open Dialogue on the First 100 Days

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Donald Trump

Okay so if you follow my blog (you’re so great if you do) you might have read A Christian’s Response to the Election. Donald Trump being elected president back in November was a HUGE challenge for me. However, I was given an awesome way to respond as a Christian.

Fast forward, we are now in President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Well, the first week to simplify it even more. I thought the election results were a challenge… This is nothing compared to that. I see all these executive orders being thrown down and it is leaving me feeling hopeless, crushed and sad.

I do want to take a moment here to mention the multiple protests happening in the country (peaceful or not). These do give me hope. I am reminded this is a time for people to speak and not stand by in silence. I have heard stories of countless people coming together in unison for what is right. And that does warm my heart.

Anyway, back to the challenges. I don’t want to take a full blog post to mention my own opinions on all of the issues. I just want to create a discussion right here in these comments (or my Facebook post comments).

I would love to see how other people, Christian or not, are responding to these actions by Trump. I want this to be a forum where there is no judgment, where there are no political agendas or criticisms. I just want to see how people feel and their next steps forward.

Thanks in advance for being nice and decent toward others!